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These Terms of Service constitute an Agreement between the User (“User”, “Customer” or “You”) and (“”, the “Site”, the “Company” or the “Platform”). You must read and agree to these Terms of Service before using any part of the Platform. The Platform includes, but is not limited to, websites, mobile applications, videos, blogs, forums, member profiles and other resources. Your use of these resources or others associated with the trade name constitutes use of the Platform. Your use of the Platform constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not use the Platform.

This Platform was built to provide the User with the ability to find resources in order to alleviate their mental health challenges. These resources include, but are not limited to, access to: mental health professionals (counsellors); other users; public forums, blogs; and tools. Access to Platform content is available through various websites, including , mobile applications, mobile devices and more. This Agreement applies to any means through any device that a User may employ to access the Platform.

Users may access and use the Platform for their personal use as it applies to their mental health and well-being, provided they agree to this Agreement. Users are not permitted to copy, distribute, alter, transmit or edit the content of the Platform. Users may not use the contents of the Platform for any commercial purpose. retains all intellectual property and proprietary rights to the Platform without transferring them to any third party. All content, interest and aspects of the Platform remain the exclusive property of

Forums and other users allows users to access information through public forums and have direct contact with each other. Your use of the forum constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance that the content you post along with your username will be visible to other users. cannot protect your confidentiality if you choose to post in public forums. You should not post in the forums if you do not agree to disclose details of your profile to other users or you should ensure that your profile is anonymous.

The intent of the forums is to facilitate contact between Users who share similar mental health challenges in order to offer expertise, support and encouragement to each other. will moderate and contribute to the forums and will not allow any language that is offensive or insinuates harm of any kind to any living being. No solicitations are allowed. Users who post offensive content or attempt to solicit services will first be warned and then banned depending on the severity of the content. Particularly egregious content will result in an immediate ban from the platform. Each User is responsible for the content they choose to post and the content they choose to read. does not employ any User. com and, as such, the Company does not assume or accept any responsibility for the content or substance of User posts or messages. The Company does not necessarily share the views of any User and cannot accept any responsibility for private postings or messages. Any User who participates in the forum or direct messaging contact does so at his or her own risk.

Use of the forums or private messaging constitutes your agreement to accept and assume all responsibility for the content found there. You also agree to immediately report any offensive content or attempted solicitation to the Company. Do not use the platform for contact with other Users such as that offered in the forums and private messaging if you are not willing to accept sole risk and responsibility for the results that may arise from such use.

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